This Drone/UAV market is growing a changing rapidly. Professional clients need  solutions that considers complex regulation, equipment capabilities, data analysis, etc. And while many UAV platforms may seem approachable to the novice, a lot of expertise is needed for safe and successful deployments.

However this type of capability is very hard to find, especially in the civilian market.

We at Sky Sensor Systems have accumulated serious competency and specialized expertise and we are ready to help you to integrate Unmanned Aerial System into your business operation.  Here are a few of the areas that we can meet your needs.

  • Requirements definition and Project Planning
  • Customize staff training based on your objectives
  • The development of Standard Operation Procedures for drone deployment and maintenance
  • The development of operations based per and post fight checklists
  • Task based equipment selection
  • Customized flight operations training
  • Data Capture and Analytics – using DroneDeploy and DJI Ground station
  • Remote Photography and Videography

Prices for these consultative projects will be based on the complexity of the assignment, specialized expertise required and anticipated time/degree of difficulty. Our analysts have years of experience as FAA certified Remote Pilots, Business Analysts, Federal and State Contractors, Designers etc.

Contact us today to see how we can work together.