DJI Inspire 2

The DJI is the Inspire 2 is one on the most advanced drones on the market today. Our Inspire 2’s are equipped with the top end Zenmuse X5s Camera and its associated lenses. This ensures that we captures exactly what is needed in the highest possible detail.

It has a 26 minutes flight time with its dual battery configuration ensuring that we can accomplish your mission objectives in a single launch. We deploy of Inspires 2s with several battery

This drone has a full suite of collision avoidance sensors making it on if the safest remote aerial platforms in the sky today.

And remember all of our drone platforms are operated  by an experienced FFA Part 107 Certified Remote Pilot. If necessary we have the ability to deploy a full flight team with consisting of the following

  • Remote Pilot In Command – Operates the drone
  • Aerial Observer –  Ensures that the operation runs safely
  • Camera Operator – Manages the camera. (This operator has a separate controller just for the camera.)

If needed we will bring along a 42 inch Television and output the view from the drones camera to that larger screen to insure that you the client is satisfied with with we capture. We also have zoom lenses that we can we can keep our distance during an inspection if needed.

Typical deployments

  • Industrial  Inspections
  • Ultra High end Video and Photo Projects

The DJI Inspire 2