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Reasons to Consider Professional Flight Training with out FAA Part 107 Certified Pilots

As Drones or Unmanned Aerial Systems become more complex and yet more more common it is very important that potential new pilots get a good grasp of the fundamentals  before they take to the sky.   Here are a few reasons why.

  1. To fly safely
    Safety is the number one priority when we take flight. Its is even more important than the accepting the mission. Safety comes first. We teach you how to pilot these devices and not put people or property in danger.
  2. To Learn to fly before you buy.
    Before you make the investment in buying a drone it will be very beneficial learn how to fly first. Thank about it like a car. Would it be safe of you to buy a car and drive it if you did not know how. The same applies to drones. You dont want to be that person who “epicly” crashes his drown on their first flight.
  3. Learn the capabilities of higher end systems with out spending the money first.
    The price of professional drone hardware can easily exceed $10,000.00 for a fully mission capable system. We offer an affordable way to get flight time with these drones with you having to foot the cost.
  4. Expand your career options
    If you are interested in flying drones commercially this is the perfect opportunity to have a customized curriculum developed for you. This applies to both companies and individuals. Just let us know your interests and we will make it happen.