Flight Training

If you have never flown an unmanned Aerial system or want to take you ability to the next level here is your chance. Our FAA Section 107 certified and insured pilots will get you into the air.

All of our training sessions typically involves hands on flight time with DJI Mavic Pro. This platform incorporates the latest technologies. It’s user interface and flight characteristics are very similar to large more expensive UAVs making it an excellent training platform.  When you learn to fly this platform effectively you will be well on your way to taking bigger birds into the sky.

*If you would like to have your training done on one of our Phantom 4 pro or Inspire 2 platforms that can be done for an additional cost. Just let us know when your are booking.

Flight Training Offered

We frequently have small group flight training training sessions, faclitated by one of our FAA Part 107 certified pilots, where we have several flight teams, rotating roles, working together to safely pilot a UAV (Typically a DJI Mavic Pro). These classes begin with a strong theoretical framework and ends with hands on flying. We will take you through the paces from Pre-Flight  to Mission Objectives to Debrief. Click here to book a spot in one of our up coming Small Group Training Classes.

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If you would prefer One on One Training with one of our FAA Part 107 certified pilots, we off that as well. We can craft a curriculum for you that includes a strong theoretical framework as well as hands on flying. We typically do our training on the DJI Mavic Pro. But if you would prefer another platform let us know when you are booking.

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To fly Unmanned Aerial Systems/Drones commercially you need pass FAA’s 107 Remote Pilot’s Exam. We can give you the final coaching you need to ensure you pass the exam with flying colors.

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We have partnered with Drone Camp X and starting in the Summer 2018 we will be offering a immersive drone centered summer camps for kids aged 12 to 17. Contact us for Details.