Real Estate Photography

Aerial  Photography has been proven to significantly increase the marketability of all properties. When potential buyers see homes presented to them in a flattering elevated angle the property stands out and implies that this listing is something special that warrants extra attention. For more exclusive properties aerial photos are a must. If you want to give your properties that extra pop contact us today.

Are you FAA Certified?
Yes all of our pilots are FAA part 107 certified and all of our drones are registered with the FAA.

There are legal and safety risks attributed with flying a drone which can present real and significant liabilities regarding life and property. The FAA certification process assures that a remote pilot understands the standards of operating an aircraft within the national airspace. Along with an understanding of airspace classifications, restrictions and limitations, hazards, weather conditions, etc.… the list goes on and on. A certification is your proof that our pilots understand all of those conditions.

Are you Insured?
Yes. All of our flight are ensured to the tune of $1,000,000. This covers any accidental property damage or personal injury.

Even to the most skilled remote pilot, there are many factors that can contribute to the loss of control of a drone including; a hardware of software malfunction, signal interference (some common items such as security systems or wifi routers can be strong enough to interfere with control of the drone), or simply a sudden bout of inclement weather.

Do you have a pre-flight checklist?
Yes, we have a pre-flight checklist.

We check the operational status of the drone before each flight, verify the mission objectives and  scout the flight path.If there is an incident of property damage or bodily injury worthy of an FAA investigation, the FAA will validate the information indicated on the checklist.

Real Estate Photography Samples

Take a look a few of the samples of Aerial Real Estate Photography to see for yourself how we can increase the marketability of your properties.