Here are ten ways drones can improve inefficiencies and margins on your construction site:

  1. Win more business. Drone photography can be an important sales tool. Your improved surveying and planning capabilities will also set you apart from the competition.
  2. Improve owner’s visibility. Use drone photography to help owners visualize the final project, and see how the project is progressing while under construction.
  3. Iterate faster during the bid phase. Drone surveys can help you put the virtual design in the context of real conditions and thus better engage the entire team.
  4. Instill client confidence. All of the above benefits help you build client confidence.
  5. Improve asset and material management. Drones equipped with streaming video capability can help you monitor the job site for suspicious activity, and identify theft as it’s happening. Plus, your teams can easily monitor locations and quantities of assets and materials at a glance, to ensure it will be there when you need it.
  6. Improve invoicing accuracy. Drones enable you to monitor work completion more effectively, and bill accordingly.
  7. Improve quality. Drones vastly increase your ability to complete quality inspections in large and hard to reach areas in an efficient manner.
  8. Minimize rework. Increasing the number of inspections you make enables you to catch more mistakes before they become a bigger problem, thus reducing the amount of rework needed.
  9. Improve safety. Perform inspections in dangerous areas without putting anyone at risk. Drones also allow you to identify and mitigate potential hazards before they cause harm.
  10. Mitigate litigation. Drones can increase site documentation to reduce the likelihood of litigation, and increase your defensibility.