The occurrence of mega storms are becoming more frequent. Drones can be of great assistance to people need, first responders and municipal managers. Here are a few scenarios.


  • Detecting Survivors  – Drones can be used to detect survivors. Their ability to fly, their small size and the built in collision avoidance make them perfect for detecting survivors. Drones can even take pictures of the subjects and mark them by GPS coordinates on a map. These is an amazing aid for first responders.
  • Deliver Light Weight Supplies – After survivors are found drones can be used to deliver light weight supplies (medication, energy bars, single water bottles, first aid kits, cell phones, etc.)
  • Entry Route Mapping – First responders often have challenges in mapping pathways to access their targets. Drones are perfect for this and they do this without putting first responders in harms way.
  • Inspecting Infrastructure for Damage – Natural disasters wreck havoc on infrastructure. Before they can be open for use again they need to be inspected. Drones are perfect for this. They can do inspections quickly and again without putting municipal staff in harms way.
  • News coverage – Its is very important that news about the event get out to the world at large. This is often instrumental in galvanizing the type of public response needed for an effect positive public response. Drones are perfect for capturing the scope of the devastation.
  • Temporary Communication Towers – Cellular infrastructure can be damaged into during a natural disaster. Drones connected to a ground based power source and can server as temporary communications towers.
  • Rally Point Beacon –  Drones can be used as a beacon alerting survivors to the location of various resources.
  • Adjustor pictures – Adjusters need gather photographic evidence in order to process claims for disaster victims. Drones can be used to rapidly and safely expedite this process.

We hope that this list gives you some idea about how drones can be used to a disaster zone. However this is not a job for amateurs. Utilize only FAA Part 107 certified remote pilots, like us, for the provision of these services. Contact us today we offer many of these capabilities.