You might have seen the term “Part 107 Certified” thrown around in the drone field and wondered what it meant. Well you have some to the right place. Part 107 refers to the section of FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) guidelines  that deals with the commercial operation of Unmanned Aerial Systems.

These rules cover just about every of area UAS/Drone/UAV operation including

  • Drone interaction with with manned aircraft and other drones
  • Issues related to Weather
  • Flying close to Buildings and other Structures
  • Using Different Classes of Airspace (Commercial, Military etc)
  • Responsible Piloting
  • Maps and Geographical Information

How does one become some certified 

  1. Study General Aviation Content
  2. Take and Pass  the FAA’s Part 107 Exam at a FAA Certified Flight Testing Center with a grade of 70% or higher
  3. Pass an extensive criminal background check
  4. Part 107 FAA certified pilots need to renew their licence every 24 months

What are the benefits of hiring a Part 107 Certified pilot 

  • Though its tempting to hire your cousin with a drone for a do commercially valued work, Only a FAA Part 107 certified pilot is legally allowed offer remote Aerial Services in airspace controlled by the United States government.  
  • Part 107 places a huge emphasis on Safety. A Part 107. So hiring an experienced FAA certified pilot going along way to mitigating a lot of that risk.
  • Your project may require a pilot to fly  within 4 miles of an airport. Only a Part 107 FAA certified pilot can get a waiver for get that done.
  • Accidents happen inspire of  of the best planning and the most careful flying. That is why there is Insurance. Only a Part 107 FAA certified pilot can came for damages during the commercial operations.


So, there it is. If you want to  use the amazing capabilities of Unmanned Aerial Systems or Drones in your business you should hire a only a Part 107 FAA certified Remote Pilot. So contact us today. All our remote pilots are:

  • Part 107 FAA Certified Remote Pilots
  • Very Experienced
  • Flying cutting edge drones
  • Insured